Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I am slacking on this lately...

I have gained 10 lbs back of the 21 that I have lost so I am in a struggle of getting my mind back into the weight loss journey. I will get there... just a lot going on with being a coordinator of a group that I am in called MOPS. That ends for me June 9th. After that I feel like the craziness will pass and I can focus more on me and getting where I need to be.

I did however take a 6.16 mile bike ride on Sunday. It was fun. It did make my husband and I realize that we need new bikes for the kids. They have both out grown their bikes that we got last year. How crazy is that. I mean I get it, but wow.

So, right now I am just in crazy mode of being overwhelmed... bare with me... the workouts will be shortly and the process will also continue to go down in lbs.

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