Monday, July 27, 2015

Just chugging along...

I decided at the beginning of the month that on the 20th I would start slim fast. It is a shake in the morning and one for lunch and a decent dinner. You can have 2 snacks in between around 100 calories. Week one has gone and observations from it: I AM STARVING after the shake. I have adjusted it a little. I will do the shake in the morning and then an hour later I will have a waffle by itself and then lunch and a snack shortly after. I have 24 days of slim fast on hand and it will not go to waste. I will keep it going and adjust as I see the need and hopefully things start feeling better!

Its one day at a time and I won't give up and I will keep going, but something has to give. I am not expecting it to be easy at all, I just need it to be manageable while I go...

Friday, July 10, 2015


I have been having a really hard time getting motivated to get back into the rhythm of some program. I have tried weight watchers and I am just not sticking with it. I have decided that for the ease of things I am going to try slim fast. I tried it once before but I stopped it after a few days. I am going to do the drinks/shakes in the morning and for lunch and then have a good meal in the evening trying to stay under 500 calories.

I am also going to add walking or bike riding to my work out routines starting on the 20th. My daughter will be home and we can do that once we get home...

It is the hardest thing I have ever done, but I need to lose weight for so many reasons health wise and it can help with so many issues I am having.

I am going to give it a good month or so to see if it will be the program I need to stick with and then go from there. Sometime has to give here.

Wish me luck!